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Massage Therapy

Kayla St Marie

Massage Therapist

Kayla St. Marie

Massage Therapist

Kayla St. Marie, owner of Ropana Wellness, is a licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer, and certified yoga teacher. Kayla was working in the health and wellness industry for five years prior to becoming a massage therapist. Her specialties are complementary health care modalities designed to help, not hinder, individuals. Kayla emphasizes that we rely on the body’s own ability to heal itself, instead of relying on pharmaceutical drug therapies. In ayurvedic literature “Ropana” translates to ‘healing wounds’ or ‘the ability to heal oneself’. Kayla is skilled at providing deep tissue techniques, neuromuscular therapy, assisted stretching and sports massage for pain relief and to help sore muscles recover faster. She works with all ages and every client receives an integrated and customized treatment plan that addresses their individual needs and treatment goals.