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Katie Jackson 

As a Functional Nutritionist, I help clients uncover the root cause to their symptoms or diagnosis. I use functional labs, blood work and a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire to figure out what why you’re not feeling optimal. I create a personalized health plan to address the imbalances. When we address health concerns from a root cause approach, we get long-term results. Often times doctors will look at blood work and say everything is “normal” yet you feel nothing but normal. That’s not ok to be dismissed and blame symptoms due to “getting older”. Many of the symptoms my clients complain about are “common” but it still doesn’t make it normal. Our bodies are resilient, and we can feel great at every age. 

Common Symptoms I help: 
• Health optimization
• Weight loss
• Digestive issues (IBD, GERD, IBS, Celiac)
• Auto-immune disease
• Acne and other skin diseases
• Male and female hormone problems
• Thyroid issues
• Fatigue /low energy
• Chronic disease/obesity/diabetes
• Food sensitivities
• Mood disorders
• Weight-loss resistance